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Owners Manuals / Instruction Booklets for chess computers

We stock the owners manuals to chess computers, bridge, backgammon,
and other games manufactured by 
Fidelity Electronics, Mephisto, Saitek Industries and Excalibur.

If you have a question about any of these operation manuals
call 1-800-634-4692,
FAX 1-800-634-4692, 
or email us at [email protected]

Click the price of any
Owners Manual/Instruction Booklet
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*Special Note* 
Some of these operating instruction manuals 
are available in different languages upon request.
Contact us at 1-800-634-4692 
to see if the language you would like is available.

Fidelity Electronics International

Avanti Manual - Model 6137

Backgammon Challenger Manual  - Model BKC 

Bridge Bidder Manual - Model BB 

Bridge Challenger III Manual - Model BV3 VB3 

Champion Sensory Chess Challenger Manual - Model CSC 

Checker Challenger Manual - Model CR 

Chess Card Challenger Manual - Model 6115 

Chess Challenger Manual - Upgraded Version 

Chester Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6120 

Chess Challenger 7 Manual - Model BCC 

Chess Challenger 10 Manual - Model CCX 

Chess Coach Manual - Model 6111 

Chess Mate Manual - Model 6136 

Chess Pal Challenger Manual - Model 6116 

Chester Phantom Manual - Model 6126 

ComputaChess IV Manual - Model 6099 

Demesis Igo Dojo Manual

Designer Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6102, 6103

Designer Display Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6105, 6106

Designer Mach III Master Manual - Model 6113 

Designer 1500 Manual - Model 6104 

Excel 6800 Manual - Model 6094 

Excel Display Manual - Model 6092

Excellence Manual - Model 6080

Excellence Voice Manual - Model 6093

Elegance Chess Challenger - Model AS12

Eldorado Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6119

Elite A/S Challenger Manual - Model EAS

Elite Avant Garde Manual - Model EAG, 6114, 6117

Elite Premiere Manual - Model 6131

Gammon Pal Challenger Manual - Model 8006

Genesis Manual - Model 6108

Little Chester Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6125

Marauder Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6121

Master Series Manual - Model 6113, 6129

Micro Backgammon Challenger - Model 8004

Micro Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6096

Mini Chess Manual - Model 6107

Mini Sensory Chess Challenger - Model MSC

Par Excellence - Model 6083

Phantom Manual - Model 6100

Prestige Challenger Manual - Model PC

Sensory Chess Challenger 8 Manual - Model SCC8

Sensory Chess Challenger 9 Manual - Model SC9

Sensory 12 Chess Challenger Manual - Model SC12

Sphinx Manual - Model 3018, 3038, 3048

The Classic - Model CC8, 6079

The Excellence - Model EP12

The Gambit Manual - Model 6084

The Silver Bullet Manual - Model 6087

Tiny Chess Manual - Model 6118

Travel Master Chess Challenger Manual - Model 6122

US Chess Federation Special Edition Manual

Voice Sensory Chess Challenger Manual - Model VSC

Voice Chess Challenger Manual - Model VCC

Milton Bradley
Electronic Grandmaster Manual


Advanced Talking Chess Manual

Astral Manual

Bridge Shadow Manual

Chess Academy Manual 

Chess Companion Manual

Chess Partner 2 Manual

Conquistador Manual

Corona Manual

Electronic Checkers Manual

Executive Manual

Galileo Manual

GK2000 Manual

GK2100 Manual

Handheld Champion Backgammon Manual

MK14 Trainer Manual

Olympiad Manual

Pocket Checkers Manual

Pocket Plus Trainer Manual

President Manual

Prima Manual

Pro Bridge 200 Manual - Model 933, 938

Pro Bridge 510 Manual

Sensor XL Manual

Talking Coach Manual

Terminate Advanced Trainer Manual

Travel Champion 2100

Turbo Advanced Trainer Manual

Virtuoso Manual


Academy Manual

Bavaria Portorose Manual

Berlin Manual

Chess Travel Master Manual

Europa A Manual

Lyon Manual

Junior Manual

Marco Polo Manual

Mega IV Manual

Mephisto Mini Manual

Milano Manual

MM VI Manual

Modena Manual

Modular IV Manual
Exclusive IV Manual
Munchen IV Manual

Mondial Computer Manual

Mondial II Manual

Mondial 68000XL Manual

Monte Carlo IV Manual

Montreux Manual

Phantom Manual

Polgar Manual

Portorose Manual

Portorose 68.030 Manual

RISC Manual

Supermondial II Manual

Vancouver Manual