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Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812 - Grandmaster Electronic Chess Computer

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Part Number:Model M812
This is the most recent version of this product produced late 2018 that received an update in form of the new improved sensory board.

Millennium Chess Genius Pro is an actual Grandmaster competition world champion with a playing strength of 2200 ELO / 2400 USCF.
The Millennium ChessGenius Pro program / software defeated world champion Garry Kasparov.
Millennium ChessGenius has nearly endless different settings with an unbeatable playing strength of more than 2400 USCF / 2200 ELO.
Millennium Chess Genius Pro chess computer is considered the perfect playing partner for Grandmaster Expert Tournament players.
Millennium ChessGenius Pro is a suitable for beginners with adjustable playing strength, and a chess trainer to help you learn chess, or improve your chess game.
The Millennium ChessGenius Pro program was written by Richard Lang who created the strongest software for Mephisto / Saitek chess computers.
The Millennium Chess Genius Pro electronic chess computer set has an ARM Cortex M4 Processor that runs at 120 MHz RAM making it the quickest thinking, and most powerful chess computer ever produced and manufactured for sale.

The Millennium Chess Genius Pro is an ideal chess computer for improving, regular, or ambitious players and tournament players of all skill levels, featuring the world-champion software ChessGenius by Richard Lang! 
After the much-publicized launch of MILLENNIUM Chess Genius in 2015, the Genius Pro offers significantly improved performance and visual enhancements. 

Many ideas expressed by users were incorporated. 

The Millennium ChessGenius Pro offers something for all: Demanding levels for experts, down to a trainer that warns of bad moves, offers suggestions and shows all available moves and for novices and beginners 

Hardware Improvements: 
New pieces in an exclusive white and black chrome 
Significantly improved sensor board and better pressure points 
5x faster processor and 5x more RAM memory means the PRO plays at a significantly higher skill level, more than 2200 ELO (2400 USCF) 
Auto power supply detection disables sleep mode for long term analyzing (up to 24 hours) 
Due to the increased processor performance, it's recommended to use an AC power supply (sold separately). On batteries, the playing time rates well below that of the previous model. Software Improvements: Three 

Opening options: 
No opening book (computer calculates) 
"Classic London Book" of 57,000 positions (3x larger)
"Modern Book" with over 100,000 positions, a completely new library of modern opening variations by HIARCS 
Improved sleep mode with extended wake cycles, now displays move numbers in INFO mode, new problem solving "Mate in X" feature

  • Playing strength / chess rating of 2200 ELO / 2400 USCF
  • Electronic chess computer cabinet measures 12 inches x 11 inches (30 cm x 27.6 cm)
  • Electronic chessboard size measure 8 inches x 8 inches (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Magnetic chess pieces with King measuring 2.25" in height
  • 64 pressure-sensitive squares to enter playing moves by pressing down on the squares
  • Large Backlit LCD Display - Bright backlight screen shows moves, and teaches
  • Backlight can be turned on and off 
  • Chess clock / timer 
  • Hint button will suggest a move to you if you need help
  • Info button will display various information about the computer's thought process
  • Chess computer thinks on your playing time making it more powerful, and faster 
  • Tutor feature will draw your attention to weak moves, and warn of computer's threats 
  • Takeback past moves - lets you experiment and if you change your mind on a move
  • Takeback all / unlimited past moves for both sides in chess allows you to experiment, and learn by taking back every / all moves of the game
  • Move function will force the computer to immediately make the best move it has found so far
  • Setup a special sequence of moves, .i.e. a particular chess opening, or moves you found in a chess book
  • Chess computer can play itself
  • Play white or black
  • Position analysis - computer will give a score of which player has a stronger advantage
  • Chess computer can warn of weak moves, and explain better moves
  • Electronic chess computer set can warn if any of your pieces are being threatened
  • Chess computer can solve chess problems up to mate in 3 
  • Chess pieces / chessmen have magnets that stick to the chessboard to help against tipping over
  • Saves Game in Memory when powered off / switched off 
  • Auto power off will save battery if there is no activity, and automatically save the game (can be disabled) 
  • 34 different levels settings - suitable for absolute beginners through advanced Grandmaster players
    4 Categories of chess levels
    9 Fun levels - 1 (weakest) to 9 (strongest). These levels are made for beginners. The computer will often make poor chess moves, and dumb or stupid mistakes.
    9 Blitz Countdown levels - You, and the Millennium Chess Genius must make all moves within the specified length of time (sometimes known as speed chess, or blitz chess).
    10 Average Time Per Move levels - ChessGenius makes its moves within the specified average time.
    6 Tournament levels - The chess clock countdown shows the time remaining for the rest of the match, or until the next time control.
    The first three tournament levels use the so-called "Fischer chess clock".
    The next two tournament levels are played in "sudden death" mode.
    The sixth tournament level uses the "classic" time controls that were previously the norm in chess tournaments.
  • 7 playing languages selectable- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian
  • Includes instructions for the following languages; .English (others are available upon request)
  • Click here to view / read / download the Millennium ChessGenius Operating / Instruction Manual
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included), or Optional A/C adapter 
  • Optional 1 set of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger
  • Optional 2 sets of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger (one set of batteries to charge while using the other set of batteries in your chess computer allows continuous use of your electronic game) 
  • Includes Free 3 Year Warranty

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