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Cabinet size 4.5" x 8"
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The Pro Bridge 311 has extensive features, combining the Pro Bridge 310 with the Pro Bridge 610.
Different screen selections allows all the cards to be viewed simultaneously.
Users can select from the following bidding conventions; American Standard, ACOL, the French Standard, and the French Strong Two.
Plays and keeps the score in either Rubber Bridge, or Duplicate Bridge.
Choice of random shuffle (which simulates a normal deck of cards being shuffled), manually choose the cards you would like dealt, or choose from nearly 1 million hands in the computers permanent deal library.
The computer can suggest hints if you like, and has a take back function if you want to try rebidding a hand, or replaying different cards.

• Pocket-sized bridge computer allows you to play anywhere,
• Strong program that plays the following bidding systems:
American Standard, ACOL, the French Standard, and the French Strong Two.
• Large easy-to-read LCD screen
• Ideal for players of all skill levels.
• 11 Levels of Play - 9 Levels of Rubber Bridge, 1 Duplicate Bridge Level, and 1 Computer Peeks Level.
• Automatically shuffles and deals, scores, and follows suit.
• Hint key will give suggestions.
• No cards to lose
• Sound effects (can be disabled)
• Includes instructions for the following languages; English
• Requires 4 AAA Batteries
• Optional 1 set of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger
• Optional 2 sets of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger (one set of batteries to charge while using the other set of batteries in your Pro Bridge 311 allows continuous use of your electronic game)

• Includes Free Classic Chess And Games .com Warranty

The following is a list of the buttons found on the Pro Bridge 311
that will give a better understanding of how it operates.

GO/STOP - Press to turn computer on/off. The game will automatically be saved. All options will be saved, i.e. bidding systems, dealer, and vulnerability will remain the same when you turn the Pro Bridge 311 back on again.
HISTORY - Press repeatedly during or after game to review previous bidding and play.
AUTOPLAY - Press to have the computer play the remaining game for you.
BACKLIGHT - Press to turn the backlight on/off. Brightness is adjusted via the Main Menu.
VIEW HAND - Press repeatedly to see all hands: North/South, then East/West. Press to switch positions when editing a deal.
SCORE - Press repeatedly to display current/cumulative scores.
ESCAPE - Press to exit certain modes, such as View Hand, History, and Score. Press to return to previous menu or Main Menu. Press to terminate your current hand and return to deal selection during bidding or play.

• Cursor 4-way pad left/right - Press to move flashing cursor when selecting menu options/cards.
• Cursor 4-way pad up/down - Press down to move item under flashing cursor from Line 1 of display to Line 2. Press up to cancel last Line 2 input (before ENTER is pressed).
• ENTER: Press to confirm a bid or play; press when prompted to confirm an action (e.g., to accept a hint); press to confirm and enter menu selections.

Value Keys - Press to select cards, from Ace to 2. The 1 is included for bidding.
Suit Keys - Press to select a suit.

PASS - Press to pass ( P ).
DOUBLE - Press to double ( d ) or redouble ( R ) previous bid.
NO TRUMP - Press to select No Trump.

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