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Cabinet size 7.75" x 5.25" x 1"
Chessboard size 4" x 4"

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The Novag Star Opal is truly portable and versatile with an easy-to-use sensory chessboard, and a unique move indicator to register all your moves.
The extensive 8500 move built-in master opening book ensures a lively, and varied game.
It also saves unfinished games in its memory allowing you to resume play at anytime.
Novag Star Opal has a hint function, as well as a training function to help strengthen your chess game.
The Novag Star Opal has a strong program capable of solving up to mate in 6.

MODEL #1027

• Estimated rating of 1900 ELO, or 2200 USCF
• Chessboard size is 5" x 5"
• Magnetic chess pieces adhere to the chess board. Chessmen will stay in place while traveling.
• 16 LED's - 1 small red light on the left side, and bottom of the chessboard indicates where to move chess pieces.
• The SENSOR TECHNOLOGY chessboard makes it a joy to play - make your move by gently pressing the chess pieces on the "from square", and pick up the piece, and move it to the "to square", and press down.
• Strong 16K program working with 768 Byte RAM
• 128 levels of play - Choose between training, tournament, and problem solving levels
• Extensive opening book containing more than 8500 halfmoves and fascinating middle and end game strategies.
• 1 or 2 player mode with scoring, hints and analysis
• 2 player mode will referee 2 human players to make certain both players follow rules of chess
• Switch sides with computer during game
• Computer can play itself
• Saves game in memory for future use automatically when switched off
• Take back move function (25 half moves) allows you to experiment by taking back past moves
• Solves problems up to mate in 6
• Hint function will suggest a move to you if you need help
• Move function will force the computer to immediately make the best move it has found so far
• Enter a special sequence of moves, i.e. a particular chess opening, or moves you found in a chess book
• Includes instructions for the following languages; English
• Powered by 4 AAA batteries (100 hours of battery usage) or Optional A/C adapter
• Optional 1 set of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger
• Optional 2 sets of Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries & Battery Charger (one set of batteries to charge while using the other set of batteries in your chess computer allows continuous use of your electronic game
• Includes Free
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